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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to sign up to your website to book tours and activities?
Yes. In order to book any tour, activity or service on ChinaClickGo.com, you need to create an account and fill in your contact information. This is to ensure our suppliers that you are as serious as they are regarding your plans of travel.
Please also refer to our terms of booking with suppliers.

2. Why tours are being “reserved” and not booked?
Our suppliers receive booking requests frequently, but don’t always remember to update their availability on our website in a timely fashion. We want to make sure they are available for the day you requested and therefore require them to manually confirm your reservation. It helps make sure your trip runs smoothly and you get what you pay for.

3. How long should I wait for my tour to be confirmed?
Due to time zone differences, 24-48 hours is a reasonable confirmation period in which to expect a reply to your booking request from the supplier. In most cases, you will receive a reply on the same day of booking.

4.What happens if a supplier declined my booking?
No worries, there are many other great providers listed on ChinaClickGo.com offering a variety of tours, activities and services all over the country. You will definitely be able to find other options, but if you are not sure or need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5.How do I pay?
We accept all major international credit cards as well as PayPal payments when reserving your tour. You will pay for the majority of your service upon your arrival – read our Payment Policy for more details.

6.Is it safe to pay you online?
Yes! As soon as you hit the “Pay Now” button you are transferred to PayPal website for the actual payment. PayPal is one of the world’s largest and most reputable online payment transaction handlers. If you want to read more about their security protocols, please click here.

7.What is the difference between Join In and Private Tours?
Private Tours – you/your group is handled exclusively by a dedicated guide. The planning is usually flexible and customizable around your schedule.

Join-in Tours – these tours typically take place on a fixed schedule and anyone is welcome to join. These kinds of tours offer an opportunity to meet new people on your tour and see sights at a more economical price point than with the private tours.

8.What are “shopping tours”?
Some tours in China will include visits to local “factories” or other “workshops” that are basically educational tourist shopping centers. Adding shopping stops to the tour will mean lower prices, but also less time spent doing actual sightseeing. We believe you should know exactly what to expect from your booking, so suppliers on our website are required to declare if there are any shopping stops on your itinerary or not. From there, you are welcome to choose which type you would like.

9.How do I submit a review?
You will receive an email from us with a direct link to provide your feedback after every tour, activity or service you book with us. You can also log in to your account dashboard and add reviews for your past bookings from there.

10.What is the quality check (ClickGoExperience)?
We do our best to guarantee everything you find on ChinaClickGo.com is screened in advance, so what you read is what you get. We check all of our suppliers when we first meet them as well as continually over time, making sure they fit the standards we have listed.

Online reviews from our travel community (you!) also help us ensure our suppliers continued excellence in service. Providers who receive three red flags will not be allowed to continue to display their services with ChinaClickGo.

Our unique quality check means that when you book with us, you will receive more real value for your money, and a better chance for you to find the perfect experience you’ve been looking for here in China. Read more about our China Quality Check here.

11.It’s been more than 24 hours since I sent my reservation for my tour and I still haven’t received any reply from the supplier. What should I do?
Due to time differences and varying working hours, it might take longer than 24 hours for a supplier to reply. If 48 hours passes and you still have not received an email either confirming or declining your request, contact us – we’ll look into it for you.

12.Can I save tours, activities and services that I like for later?
Yes, you can. Add items to your favorites where you can keep tours, services and activities you might want to book for later. Please note that not all of them are necessarily available at any time, so it is a good idea to check availability again before booking.

13.Where can I find your terms of booking?

14.I created an account with your website. Who can view my information?
We respect your privacy and keep your details on our secure servers for our use only. Any suppliers you begin bookings with will have access to only your contact information and anything else necessary to complete the booking. We do not sell any personally identifying information to third parties. Read our full Privacy Policy here.

15.I couldn’t find what I was looking for – what should I do?
If you need some inspiration, check out our Travel Blog and Pinterest for great ideas and visual stimuli. Contact us! Maybe what you need is actually a tailor made tour .

16.Can I refer a great tour/activity/service provider to you?
Sure! We are always in search of good suppliers to join our community of travel experts. If you would like to refer an individual or organization to us, please send us an email.

17.What is your cancellation policy?
Each tour, activity and service has its own individual cancellation policy listed on its page on the ChinaClickGo.com platform. Please pay close attention to each listing’s cancellation policy before booking, as they all differ based on the supplier’s requirements.

You can also find the cancellation policy on the booking voucher that is provided to you by ChinaClickGo after your booking is confirmed. When cancelling your booking, the cancellation policy on the ChinaClickGo.com voucher is authoritative. We advise our customers to carefully read the information on the ChinaClickGo.com booking voucher upon receipt to confirm all terms are correct, and to contact us if there are any questions.

If for some reason there is no cancellation policy stated on the ChinaClickGo.com voucher, the following cancellation policy takes effect:
• Up to 4 working days before begin of the activity: the customer may cancel for a full refund
• Within 3-0 working days before beginning of the activity or in the event of a no-show: the customer is eligible for no refund.

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