Stuck in the City – Chinese National Holiday (Shanghai Edition)


Stuck in Shanghai for the Chinese National Holiday? Have we got an idea for you. Check off some of the best modern architecture in all of China off your bucket list. Better yet, take a Mobike around town and make it a cycling journey while the streets are empty for the holiday. These places are listed in loose geographic order, so have fun planning a trip for yourself (and friends) to get out and see some sights.


SH Architectural Bucket List:


Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

Shanghai Oriental Sport Center (Marcus Bredt)
Image Credit: Marcus Bredt 


Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute Art Museum

SPSI Art Museum (Lv Heng Zhong)
Image Credit: Lv Heng Zhong


Nanpu Bridge

Nanpu Bridge (Joseph Rogus)
Image Credit: Joseph Rogus


Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum (David Wilmot)
Image Credit: David Wilmot


The Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower (Joseph Rogus)
Image Credit: Joseph Rogus


Apple Store (Lujiazui)

Apple Store (Roy Zipstein)
Image Credit: Roy Zipstein


Jin Mao Tower/IFC/Shanghai Center

Shanghai Big Three Skyscrapers (Joseph Rogus)
Image Credit: Joseph Rogus


Shanghai Houtan Park

Houtan Park (Turenscape)
Image Credit: Turenscape



Wujiaochang (Joseph Rogus)
Image Credit: Joseph Rogus


How to set up Mobike:

  1. Ensure you have either Wechat Pay or Alipay set up on your phone.
  2. Go to mobike.comDownload the Mobike app, and follow the registration process.
  3. You can scan the QR code of any Mobike you see on the street, or find one using the app. Make sure to return them to a proper parking spot (anywhere within the white parking lines along streets designated for bicycles and scooters) to avoid being penalized by Mobike!
  4. Mobike costs 1RMB per 30 minutes with no limitations. Cheap!


If you’re less of the do-it-yourself type and would like a professional tour guide to show you around, don’t forget to to check out one of these many options for guided city tours.


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