The Safety Net


Our China Safety Net

Not only do all of service suppliers provide a variety of tours , they also collectively create the ‘Safety Net.’ Should you find yourself in a bind— facing a language barrier or getting lost— you can rely on this system to get you back where you need to be. We have contacts in all major hospitals around China and can recommend your guide to take you in any emergency.

This Safety Net is not exclusively for medical emergencies— if you are a victim of robbery or another crime, we can facilitate communication with your consulate or embassy as well.

As a ChinaClickGo traveler, we have your back.

Contact us by email, on our Facebook page, using Messenger or by following our Wechat account and posting your questions there.

Use this QR code to follow ChinaClicGo’s Wechat account (you can also search “ClickGo” within Wechat) and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, Wechat app can be found on any app store available for your device

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