The #ClickGoExperience

The #ClickGoExperience

Our Way of Bringing You The Best of China was created with the intent of making it easier for you to find great things to do and explore in China.

After designing and planning tours all over the country for over five years, we decided to start to put our insights to use in helping more people have a better and more memorable experience in China.

We’ve brought together some great local travel service providers, to make it easy to search, discover, and book all in one place. You can effectively mix and match tours, activities and services as you want and tailor make your own trip.

But in order to keep quality standards, we don’t let just anyone list with us. This is why we’ve created the “Quality Check”.

We love China and believe you can have a great travel experience here with the right options.

So what do we check?

Vendor Requirements:
  1. All vendors are required to be able to communicate in languages they say they can speak (English, Spanish, French, etc).
  2. All vendors must have local knowledge of the place. Needs may vary and a vendor should have experience in everything from giving directions to solving small emergencies.
  3. Experience working with foreigners is very important
  4. Vendors must show a willingness to learn. We take the reviews’ rating system very serious — three red flags and a vendor can be removed from the website.
  5. Honesty and reliability; Travelers should be able to trust the integrity of the vendor, , so make it a point to talk to each and every one of them ourselves and verify their identity and experience

The #ClickGoExperience is what makes’s travel community distinct from the general tour industry;

Not only there is the pre-screening process; we also rely on a community of travelers to submit honest feedback on their experience with all of the website’s providers. This helps to ensure a consistent standard of service and reliability with all listings.

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